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Tales of Halcyon - Chinese Version released

SEN member City is back with another Chinese translation, this time for Tales of Halcyon. You can either download it from or (password: rumx).

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A retrospective of World Conquest

I started designing and programming World Conquest in 1993, with the intention of submitting it to the Italian branch of Zzap! for showcase and evaluation purposes. Back in those days, new Commodore 64 games were becoming rare, so the famous magazine had started reviewing the works submitted by its readers, and obviously I didn't want to miss the opportunity to be mentioned on …

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Enslavers Special Edition - Chinese Version released

After the German version, courtesy of Eredalis, Enslavers Special Edition is now available in Chinese: SEN member City was kind enough to contact me, asking permission to translate the campaign, which I gladly granted. You can download this new localized version from or

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Citadel v3.2 released

Nothing to get too much excited about, this update simply fixes a handful of misaligned textures found in the Robotics Facility (one of which lied in plain sight, to my great chagrin). I still intend to get back to this project, maybe by creating an additional secret level, though I'm making no assumptions about when. Click here to download Citadel v3.2.

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Champions of Khandia Playthrough

David Kang aka DK has begun to showcase Champions of Khandia on his YouTube channel. As always, David's gaming skills amaze me, and he also reported a glitch which I've promptly fixed. So, don't waste any more time, visit his channel and subscribe to it if you haven't done yet.

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Five Principles of Good Level Design

During the years spent creating my own custom content, I've also had the privilege of playing many levels created by various skilled designers, and one thing I noticed is each of them had a totally different approach to level design, even though the basic content was often very similar: some had a logical, almost robotic approach to constructing levels, whereas others just thre…

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Website Update

Blog posts can now be shared on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. Also, check out three new entries in the Commodore 64 section: Data Base, Battleships and Mastermind.

List of Monsters in Citadel

This might be of some interest to those of you who have played Citadel: this is the complete list of monsters for each level on Hard difficulty. I made this list in 2015 as part of the project of expanding the levelpack to its current state. It is worth mentioning that while the readme file states that there are 98 enemies in the Barracks, that is technically an error, because …

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Test: RoboCop +2 Fix by ElfKaa

Ocean’s movie tie-in starring the Future of Law Enforcement was one of the mostly anticipated releases of 1989, and rightly so: with an intellectual concept almost tailor-made for games, this side-scrolling shooter should have been gaming gold. I'm a huge fan of the movie (stably in my Top Ten films of all time since its release), and I had played the hell out of the Data East …

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Hello World

Well, hello there and thanks for dropping in to visit my new website! This is my second attempt at setting up a virtual space to showcase my creations: my first website, AoELastResort, went offline in 2010 after five years of activity. AoELR was solely dedicated to my Age of Empires campaigns, it contained a bunch of map design articles, and it allowed for some interactivity th…

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