Andrea Rosa



Q: Why do I have to wait 10 seconds before I can view a screenshot or download a file?
A: Because, to put it simply, free web hosting sucks. For screenshots, you can bypass the redirect timer by right-clicking on a preview, and select "open image in a new tab". Unfortunately this only works for images, there's no way to skip the timer on the other external links. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: I've never downloaded files from Mediafire, is it safe?
A: As far as my experience goes, yes. It's also faster than many of its peers and it doesn't have waiting time between downloads.

Q: How do I install and setup your campaigns and levelpacks?
A: Every release comes with a detailed documentation that explains how to do it.

Q: Are your Age of Empires campaigns compatible with Age of Empires Definitive Edition?
A: Unfortunately not. Several subtle changes in the game engine and tech tree rendered many of the scenarios impossible to win.

Q: Why have you never created a Rise of Rome campaign?
A: I prefer the original Age of Empires for a number of reasons, but primarily because many graphic elements (rocks, grass patches, some trees, etc.) looked better in the vanilla game, in my opinion.

Q: Will you be developing Brood War campaigns?
A: Most probably yes.

Q: I'm a Quake II mapper, can I use the engine and/or entities from your levelpacks in my own maps?
A: Of course. Feel free to use gamex86.dll and any texture, model, skin, sound, etc.

Q: I'm stuck at one of your levels, can you help me?
A: Just drop me a line (either via e-mail or Facebook) and I'll gladly do so.