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Meet new heroes and discover new stories in these action-packed campaigns set in the canonical Blizzard universe. An untold saga unfolds as you make your way through epic battles and countless challenges.

These campaigns were designed to be played with the original StarCraft patched to version 1.16. Playing them in Brood War mode is not advised, because the extra units and technologies would severely alter the gameplay. For the full effect, you should play these campaigns in the same order as they were released.



Tales Of Halcyon

The events portrayed in this campaign take place during the Terran timeline of the Great War, precisely between "Revolution" and "The Big Push". You act as the Colonial Governor of Halcyon, a Confederate fringe world facing the early stages of a Zerg infestation. Being mainly an agricultural world with limited military capability, Halcyon finds itself unequipped to deal with the situation, and with the Confederacy in a state of chaos following the Antigan Revolt, any help from Tarsonis seems unlikely. Your daily routine consists of allocating the scarce mineral resources, monitoring Zerg activity and calming scared colonists and worried landowners. All of this suddenly changes when a mysterious wealthy man comes up with an elaborate plan to tame the alien creatures, so to prevent them from overrunning the planet.





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Voices Of The Swarm

Voices of the Swarm is set during the original Zerg campaign and takes place between "The Dark Templar" and "Full Circle". Only moments have passed since the death of Zasz at the hands of Zeratul. The Garm Brood has been driven insane, the Overmind has gone silent and the Cerebrates are in a state of deep concern. Acting as the Cerebrate of the Grendel Brood, you are contacted by Daggoth, who is filling in for the Overmind's absence, and who explains that you are the only one who can fulfill an important assignment on the Terran world of Tarsonis, because a part of your Brood is still stationed there. From then on, a chain of events unfolds that will bring the Grendel Brood from his marginal role to eventually become one of the most relevant Broods in the Swarm's ranks.





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Enslavers Special Edition

In the early days of the Terran Dominion, Alpha Squadron was dispatched on a secret mission to an undisclosed Outer Colony where an emergency had arisen: four months after having wreaked havoc on the fringe world of Halcyon, where he narrowly escaped capture by the Confederates, and after having been hidden who knows where, the infamous smuggler Alan Schezar and his personal militia had turned up again. Willing to carry out Emperor Mengsk's directive to imprison or eliminate any outlaw who acted against Dominion laws, Alpha Squadron reached their destination and began their hunt for Schezar, unaware of his true power and intentions. (NOTE: this campaign is a reworked version of Enslavers aimed at fixing some bugs found in the original and improving its gameplay. The story has been expanded, and a new mission has been added in order to make the two plot branches symmetrical).






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Champions Of Khandia

Very far from Antioch, west of the archaic sea of Kna-Tari, lies the province of Khandia. Homeland of the Furinax Tribe, Khandia is renowned for its industrious people, mainly builders, artisans and weaponsmiths who revel in their progressive crafts, their greatest feats being the power suits wielded by Zealots and the Dragoon exoskeleton. Scientific research, logic and skepticism characterize the lifestyle of the Furinax, and their sheer ingenuity has become proverbial. Suddenly, an ominous sound penetrates the placid waves of Kna-Tari: the Zerg, fierce creatures intent on conquering Aiur, attack in force. Led by Cerebrate Gorn, just revived after his temporary death in Scion, the Zerg proceed to lay waste to the whole province. Now Khandia is on the brink of total annihilation, and it's up to you to restore hope in your people. Acting as the local Executor, and fully aware of the fact that receiving any help from other provinces will be nearly impossible, you strive to rally the remaining warriors and plan a counter offensive against the evil that changed the winds and wronged the tides. You will need to be extremely careful, because not only the revenant Gorn is one of the highest ranking Cerebrates in the Swarm's ranks, but he also has yet to reveal his deadliest servant.



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Flags in the Dust

A Wraith squadron roars high in the fierce sky above Augustgrad as you prepare to board a small interplanetary shuttlecraft. As a Dominion high-ranking official, you hoped for a better accommodation, maybe a suite in a Behemoth-class Battlecruiser, but apparently there isn't much traffic to and from Landorin. Shading your eyes against the glare, you watch the Wraith formation disappear behind the massive structures located in the core of the city, grab your hand luggage, and head for the shuttle hatch. Competent hands guide you into your small but comfy stateroom, where you will spend the next twenty hours, such is the time needed to reach the godforsaken Outer Colony of Landorin. Diligently, you take some time to review your assignments: your task is to oversee the scientific research program of Epsilon Squadron and give assistance to their chief of staff, Dr. Philip Martens. According to the files in your possession, the Doctor had relocated his Squadron to the outlying planet of Landorin after having suffered a catastrophic defeat on Char at the hands of the Zerg, as a result of which their armored divisions were completely wiped out - the fact that Epsilon Squadron had armored divisions in the first place had always sounded strange to you, after all weren't those guys supposed to do science? Your rationality had always kicked in, telling you the harsh truth: apart from the upscale civilian lifestyle, every kind of activity in the Koprulu Sector demands for a hefty backup of weapons, just in case. As for the Doctor, he was a curious anomaly within the Terran Dominion because of his Confederate past - but then again, the same was for General Duke. However, while Duke had been somewhat coerced in joining the cause of Korhal, it was rumored that Martens had been personally appointed by Emperor Mengsk, who insisted for the renowned scientist to maintain his position at the head of Epsilon Squadron. Go figure, politics will always be weird. You close your eyes and smile at this thought. Eventually, you nod off to the low hypnotic hum of the shuttlecraft. "Scientific research, test tubes, sticky and disgusting samples, high-ranking nerds... man, this is going to be boring as hell", you mutter to yourself before falling asleep, completely unaware of the nightmare that is about to unfold on Landorin.





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