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Age of Empires Campaigns

Relive the glory of some of the mightiest empires of antiquity. Experience historically and geographically accurate scenarios, complex objectives and exciting gameplay further enhanced by custom AI scripts. 

These campaigns were designed to be played with the original Age of Empires. Playing them with Rise of Rome may result in unpredictable behavior and visual imperfections. Also, they can not be played with Age of Empires Definitive Edition, because small changes in the game made some scenarios unwinnable.


The Senate And People Of Rome

The era of the great expansion of Roman power and civilization is the era of the Republic, in which Rome is ruled by the Senate. The history of the Republic is a history of continuous warfare, and all of the stories of Roman virtue and value date from this tumultuous period of defense and invasion. This campaign spans from 497 BC to 39 BC and features 8 scenarios. You will start in Italy, fighting for supremacy against the Etruscans and the Latin League. After a short visit to Greece you'll be called to face Hannibal and the hated Carthaginian enemy, leading Rome through three tiresome Punic Wars and meeting the great general Scipio. Far beyond the Alps, Gaul awaits you, and Julius Caesar needs you in his struggle to bring Rome to its apogee. If Gaul wasn't enough, get ready to sail with Caesar toward Egypt to rescue Cleopatra and restore her reign, before undertaking your final task among undiscovered territories.



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Underhand Dealings From The Hatti Archive

Centered in Asia Minor, the Hatti Kingdom existed from 1900 to 1180 BC. Although the extent of this lost civilization was rediscovered only within the last hundred years, the Hittites are one of the ancient cultures we best know, nowadays. Archaeological excavations at the site of the Hatti capital, Hattusas, have yielded thousands of clay cuniform tablets: the discovery of the Hatti Archive and the decipherment of these tablets revealed that the Hittites were a world power at one time, and also cast doubt on many items of information gathered from other sources. Roaring into history from mysterious origins, the Hittites would rule a great empire that stretched from Asia Minor to Mesopotamia. From terrible wars to peaceful and prosperous trade, the Babylonians, the Assyrians and the Egyptians learned to respect them.



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Memories Of The Gupta Dynasty

When the last of the Mauryan Kings was assassinated in 232 BC, India once again became a collection of unfederated kingdoms. The dream, however, of a universal empire had not disappeared: it would be realized by the Gupta Dynasty, and would usher in one of the most creative periods in Indian history. The peace and prosperity created under the Guptas enabled the pursuit of scientific and artistic endeavors, and India experienced its golden age.  "Memories Of The Gupta Dynasty" is an historically accurate campaign with some fictional escapes. It covers a period of time from 319 AD to 409 AD, from the establishment of the Gupta Empire to the earliest Hun migrations, telling the deeds of the greatest Gupta Kings. Will you be able to repeat their brave exploits?



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Angkor Wat And The Khmer Legacy

No doubts the ancient Khmer were great masters of stone carving, as we can see today the unarguable evidences of Angkor Wat and other massive temples lying on the vast plains surrounding the great lake of Tonle Sap. Centered in Cambodia, The Khmer Empire came into existence during the period from 802 AD to 1431, and stretched as far as the modern Thailand-Burma Border in the West and Laos in the North during its peak. Its emergence lies in the fact that the ancient Khmer rulers adopted the Indian political doctrine of the "Deva-Raja" or "God King", which enforced the unity among people. Moreover, the Khmer had developed an intelligent irrigation system to control the water of the great Mekong river for agricultures, which enhanced their prosperity. This campaign spans from 790 AD to 1281, telling the history of the Khmer Empire from the establishment of the its capital, Angkor, to the Mongolian invasions led by Qubilai Khan.



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A Short History Of Lost Sumeria

Sumer may well be the first civilization in the world (although long term settlements at Jericho and Çatal Hüyük predate Sumer and examples of writing from Egypt and the Harappa, Indus valley sites may predate those from Sumer). From its beginnings as a collection of farming villages around 5000 BC, through its conquest by Sargon of Agade in 2371 BC and its final collapse under the Amorites in 2000 BC, the Sumerians developed a religion and a society which influenced both their neighbors and their conquerors. Sumerian cuneiform, the earliest written language, was borrowed by the Babylonians, who also took many of their religious beliefs, and parallels of Sumerian myth can be found even in the Genesis. This campaign covers the history of Sumer in six scenarios, each one based upon one of the six periods in which historians divide the multimillenary Sumerian timeline.



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Little Big Nordic Adventure

The 8th of June 793 was a beautiful spring day on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, situated on the north east coast of England. The island had a monastery which was founded in the 6th century and was famous for producing some of the finest literature of its time. The monks, who didn't suspect anything unusual, went down to the shore to greet the strangers who had arrived... And this is what an author wrote some years later:  "That year the heathens arrived from the north with a fleet. They spread in all directions like horrible wolves, wrecking, robbing, shattering and killing. They went to the Holy Church of Lindisfarne, killed everything alive, dug up the altars and took all the treasures". The Vikings had arrived. The attack came as a shock to the rulers of England, and rumours about the fearless Norsemen began to spread across Europe. Striking at easily accessible and poorly defended targets, the Vikings earned a formidable reputation of raiders and pirates, and the chroniclers paid little attention to other aspects of medieval Scandinavia. It was only over time, as historians and archaeologists began to challenge the one-sided descriptions of the chroniclers, that a more detailed portrayal of the Norse culture became apparent. In this campaign you have the chance to show your braveness and gain the respect of the Norse community. Playing as the Norwegian Vikings, you will leave an indelible mark upon the European Dark Age. You will plunder cities. You will build ships of ever increasing power. You will settle in extreme environments, challenging the elements at every heartbeat. Wrap up well, a Little Big Nordic Adventure awaits you.



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